Lists Of Cities In Europe

The English contribution to the hybrid name is frequently one of the suffixes -ham, -ton or -ley. As commerce unfold throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, surnames started to include a hometown as a means of distinguishing oneself from other tradesmen and travellers. Thus Rusu, the most typical name in Moldova, means “one who comes from Russia,” while Horvat means “Croat” in Croatia.

Indostan – archaic usage in European languages for Hindostan. The following table lists the subnational entities of various nations that end with -stan. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. In particular, the ending -ingen is typical for the Alemannic colonization within the sixth and seventh century and also for the Bavarian settlement. The suffix “-ingen” describes the affilation to a frontrunner or a person generally.

Kamistan – a fictional Middle Eastern nation featured in the tv sequence 24. Istan – a fictional island state in the on-line role-playing sport, Guild Wars Nightfall. Howduyustan (“how do you stand?”) – a fictional nation nick topel age from Uncle Scrooge comic book stories. Franistan – a fictional nation referred to within the tv present I Love Lucy. Darujhistan – a fictional city-state in Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Berzerkistan is the invention of “Doonesbury” creator Gary Trudeau. In the cartoon, Berzerkistan is a fictional republic run by a genocidal maniac. In different instances Viking place names could be identified by the use of a Norse suffix, like –thorpe which means village or -by, which might each mean village or city, as in Grimsby, which simply means the city or farm of Grímur. In different circumstances the Norse suffix was added to an Anglo-Saxon word or name.

We stan a close linguistic look into the history of names. For example, are you aware if the nation Turkey has any relation to the bird? Infoplease is aware of the value of getting sources you’ll find a way to trust.

During the times of the October Revolution, as part of the campaign to rid Russia of bourgeois tradition, there was a drive to invent new, revolutionary names. As a end result, many Soviet youngsters got atypical names, usually being acronyms/initialisms apart from many other names above. In non-public, his spouse addressed him as Nicki, within the German manner, rather than Коля , which is the East Slavic brief type of his name. Wil is equivalent of -weil and is prevalent across southern Germany therefore it stretching throughout the northern Swiss border. Your mistake is translating “Berg” with “mountain”, which is typically appropriate and generally is not. In the east of Austria, there is a chain of hills, known as Leithagebirge It is about 30 km long, and at its highest point only 484 m above sea level .

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