Physics 2

A current of A is set up within the rod via the wires. An α-particle and a proton are realeased from the centre of the cyclotron and made to speed up. The pressure \(\overrightarrow\) on the third wire due to wire 1 is directed reverse to the force \(\overrightarrow\) on the third wire due to wire 2. Hence, the web force on the third wire would become 0.

One uses a shunt resistance in parallel with the galvanometer, in order that many of the present passes via the shunt. Voltage sensitivity is outlined because the deflection produced in the galvanometer when unit voltage is applied throughout the coil of the galvanometer. The galvanometer must be related in collection for measuring currents and as it has a big resistance, this can change the value of the present within the circuit. Here \(\overrightarrow\) and d \(\overrightarrow\) are appearing in the same path.

A) The subject traces aren’t normal to the surface of the conductor. Since the wool is positively charged and the polythene is negatively charged, so we will say that few amounts of electrons are transferred from wool to polythene. So, the above ratio is the ratio of the electric pressure to the gravitational force between a proton and an electron when the space between them is constant. The field strains for single positive cost are radiated outwards. The charged comb polarizes the items of paper that induces a net dipole second in the path of field.

I.e. sphere with smaller radius produces more electric area on its surface. Hence, the charge density on the sharp and pointed ends of conductor is larger than on its flatter portions. Two dielectric slabs of dielectric constants K1 and K2 are crammed in between the two plates, each of space A of the parallel plate capacitor as shown within the figure. Use this legislation to obtain the expression for the magnetic field inside an air cored toroid of average radius r, having ‘n’ turns per unit size and carrying a gentle current I. Draw the magnetic field strains as a end result of a current carrying loop. Let P be the point on the axis of a circular loop or coil of radius a carrying current I.

Using the concept of force between two infinitely long parallel current carrying conductors, define one ampere of present. The drive performing on the cost particle shall be perpendicular to each v and S and subsequently will describe a round path. Low torsional constant is mainly required to extend the current/charge sensitivity in a shifting coil ballistic galvanometer. Careful measurement of the electric field on the surface of a black box indicates that the online outward flux through the surface of the box is × 103 Nm2/C. Two insulated charged copper spheres A and B have their centres separated by a distance of 50 cm.

The spring Sp attached to the coil provides the counter torque and in equilibrium state balances the deflecting torque. If φ is steady angular deflection then counter torque is kφ. Current within the lengthy conductor, in any other case it will be repulsive. It is dependent upon the variety of turns N of the coil, torsion fixed and the world A of the coil. Assume the realm of cross-section of the wire to be 10-5 m2 and the free electron density is 1029/m3.

Calculate the work carried out in taking a small cost of – 2 × 10-9 C from a degree P to a degree Q , through a degree R . What is the total capacitance of the combination an object is 1.0 cm tall and its erect image is 5.0 cm tall. what is the exact magnification?. Identify an equipotential surface of the system. A regular hexagon of aspect 10 cm has a charge 5 μC at each of its vertices. Calculate the potential on the center of the hexagon. Using the graph, calculate the capacitance of the capacitor.

Since the capacitors are in parallel, so potential distinction across each of them is same i.e. Three capacitors of capacitances 2 μF, 3 μF and 4 μF are connected in parallel. 3.00 $\mathrm$ from every of those charges (Fig. $\mathrm 21.76$ ) and launched from rest. A 2.4 pC cost is located 4cm from a .50 pC charge. What kind of drive exists between these charges? Calculate the potential difference between the plates of X and Y.

The electric potential doubles, but the electric potential energy stays the same. The electrical potential stays the same, but the electrical potential power doubles. Both the electrical potential and electrical potential vitality double. O Both the electric potential and electrical potential vitality keep the same.

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