Simon Parkes

I hug them each, cling to them both, so grateful, so sad, so alone…and stroll away. I should walk away or cry for a thousand years. I feel the tears; such heaviness of spirit is upon me. An extract from my novel, ‘Gospel, Rumours of Love’.

Tired of the day’s information and wish to flee into something enlightening and uplifting? We have created a space only for you in our Glass Bead Game playlist on YouTube. Have fun choosing a video at random and see what particular message the universe has for you right now. I don’t listen to Simon a lot at all however the other day it struck me odd that he’s feeling sorry for Jill Biden sitting in the WH all day. Now, he could be playing the sport because that isn’t Joe Biden sitting anyplace.

As for Simon Parkes he now refers to himself as a former politician and lawmaker,ffs. He was a councillor in Whitby which is a small seaside village on the East Coast of England made well-known by Bram Stoker as the primary entry level of the unlawful immigrant Dracula. Now the extent of Simon Parkes’ lawmaking would reach as far as keeping locals off the grass lawns or guaranteeing there are enough litter bins in the parks. Both him and Ward are stuffed with shit but please don’t tar all us Brits with the same brush as these two.

Have you handled this website? How would you rate the business? I hope you’ve a bigger model of the Simon Parkes’ About Us web page trigger just prior to inauguration, he modified it and removed all the talk about aliens.

For occasion, the one who approaches inter-personal dynamics through logic may send an e-mail instead of arranging a meeting. The goal of this determination is to avoid feelings, which is how the thinking centre likes it. Feeling Centre…used to acknowledge my feelings, acknowledge other people’s needs and agendas and to create and preserve relationships. Also learn on if it’s something you’d like to do; or something that may provide you with a way of accomplishment, something carried out or achieved. Yesterday Russia minimize off pure fuel provides to Germany, Poland and Bulgaria. These countries refused to pay in Gold again Russian…

Reminds me of a psychopath grooming victims for the long run abuse. Maybe they’re already abusing us with psy op to organize for a faux alien invasion or so we settle for having our DNA changed with immunizations. Definitely some reason why they chose jensen brothers near me him to be on a psy op mission with the extraterrestrial background. If I believed in aliens, I would think he was alien intelligence agent. But, really, who wants aliens, our own governments are injecting US with DNA that’s not human.

Anything he says is already on the market and its price remembering that him and his different two fellow conmen Lee and David have been pushing the Gregg Hallett is king bollocks. Charlie Fraud cares so much about placing the reality on the market that he expenses individuals cash to get it. Why would a millionaire who lives in a Malaga villa need the money? Doesn’t the fixed virtue signalling and repetitive nodding give this shyster away? Another little trick these people like to do encompass themselves with animals just to point out us what caring and virtuous folks they are who couldn’t probably be spinning us a line. It also helps bring in donations so before every update Parkes corals all his cats,canines and anything that moves into his pokey little room for background.

We have to keep speaking with all our characters, for each is allowed and each has a story. We don’t faux they’re not there. On that final Sunday of the tournament, Scottie displayed each self-doubt and targeted calm; each harm and strength. For most of us, though, it isn’t so hard to consider.

Unless our government are the aliens. Love Leeds Mick’s evaluation of Charlie Fraud . Just wanted to add my pennysworth about his boring bloody script he continuously makes use of. His virtue signalling has no filter.

We are completely different folks at different occasions, with numerous characters inside us. And it makes a distinction which one of them is in cost. They seem disturbed, those that come to arrest me.

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