Yuri!!! On Ice The Movie

The next morning, before the Grand Prix Final begins, Yuri Plisetski confronts Victor relating to the relationship between Yuuri Katsuki and Victor and vows to win the finals. Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki faces a crushing defeat in the course of the Grand Prix finals and heads house, unsure of whether or not he needs to proceed his skating career which one of the following statements concerning hepatitis b is false?. The pair leaves to seize dinner and runs into Mari and Minako, who are spying on Yuri and Otabek speaking at a restaurant. Yuuri and Victor invite Yuri, Otabek, Phichit, and Chris for dinner, to the overwhelming delight of Mari and Minako. Chris reveals that Yuuri had gotten wasted on champagne and started dancing with Yuri and Victor, as nicely as pole-dancing with Chris.

It is then that Chris sees the rings on Yuuri and Victor’s fingers, and he questions them about it. Yuuri tries to hide the rings at first, but Victor happily states that the rings are a pair. Phichit, overcome with happiness, congratulates Yuuri and Victor on their marriage, and declares to the entire restaurant that his good good friend has gotten married. The other folks within the restaurant applaud in response, whereas Yuuri tries to clarify himself to everybody around him. Victor claims that they’re engagement rings and that the two will get married as soon as Yuuri wins gold .

As considered one of his largest fans, Yuuri eagerly accepts, kicking off his journey to make it back onto the world stage. But the competitors is fierce, because the rising star from Russia, Yuri Plisetsky, is relentlessly determined to defeat Yuuri and win back Victor’s tutelage. Barcelona is the place the fated last battle will take place. This is the primary episode within the sequence that has been narrated by Victor Nikiforov versus Yuuri Katsuki. In one other part of Barcelona, Yuri Plisetski makes an attempt to flee from his extra devoted fans who intend to convey him in for a fan assembly. While he’s hiding in an alleyway, the sound of a motorbike catches his consideration, and he finds himself within the presence of Otabek, who tells him to get on.

Victor and Yuuri Katsuki, after sightseeing and purchasing, find themselves at an evening market, where Yuuri buys pair of a gold rings as a Christmas/birthday current for Victor. The two exchange rings and are later invited to dinner by Minako and Mari with all of the finalists excluding JJ. While talking, Chris catches sight of the pair of rings, and Phichit invites the restaurant to congratulate Victor and Yuuri on their marriage, which Victor corrects to being engaged.

When Victor is looking out over the ocean, Yuri kicks Victor in the back multiple times with medium energy to get Victor’s attention. Yuri asks Victor why he was so pleased to depart competitive skating just to coach Yuuri. As Yuri confronts him, Victor squeezes Yuri’s face and easily smiles, albeit with shaking palms.

He thanks Victor for every little thing, also asking Victor to wish him luck. Victor tells Yuuri to level out him the skating that Yuuri likes one of the best, and he slips the matching gold ring onto Yuuri’s proper ring finger while he says so. The scene reverts to the bench on which Yuuri and Victor had left their bag of nuts earlier, but the bag has now disappeared. Yuuri provides to purchase more nuts for Victor, however Victor insists on going back to relaxation. The two end up at a Christmas market, the place Yuuri asks Victor what he wants as a birthday present, seeing as Victor’s birthday also falls on Christmas day. Victor replies that he did not really celebrate both occasion again in Russia, however curiously observes Yuuri, who seems to be on the lookout for something.

The conflict is put apart when JJ notices Otabek Altin heading in direction of the lodge exit. Victor mentions that the Kazakh skater had rushed into the Grand Prix Final at full pace however that not many individuals know much about his personal life. JJ invitations Otabek to go along with him and his fiancée out to dinner after finding out that he was planning on eating alone, however Otabek declines the offer.

Yuuri asks Victor to follow him into a jewelry shop, where Yuuri purchases a pair of gold rings. Beautiful art work, completely gorgeous graphics and wonderful plot. This anime is surely one of my favourites ever along with Black Butler and Free! So excited to see if there might be a second series? All in all, ten out of ten would 100% advocate, it stored me hooked from the very begin.

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