ISL 2023-24 Points Table Revealed!

The Indian Super League (ISL) is one of the most popular football leagues in India that has been gaining momentum over the years. As the 2023-24 season progresses, football fans are eagerly following the matches and keeping a close eye on the Points Table to see how their favorite teams are faring. The Points Table not only provides an overview of the performance of each team but also gives a glimpse of the trajectory of their journey throughout the season.

Current Standings

Let’s take a closer look at the current ISL 2023-24 Points Table:

  1. Team A: Points – 24; Games Played – 10; Wins – 7; Draws – 3; Losses – 0
  2. Team B: Points – 20; Games Played – 10; Wins – 6; Draws – 2; Losses – 2
  3. Team C: Points – 18; Games Played – 10; Wins – 5; Draws – 3; Losses – 2
  4. Team D: Points – 16; Games Played – 9; Wins – 4; Draws – 4; Losses – 1
  5. Team E: Points – 14; Games Played – 10; Wins – 4; Draws – 2; Losses – 4

Key Elements of the Points Table


In the ISL Points Table, teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. These points are accumulated throughout the season based on the outcomes of the matches played.

Games Played

This column indicates the total number of matches each team has played so far in the season. It gives an overview of the team’s activity and progress in the league.

Wins, Draws, and Losses

The number of wins, draws, and losses provide a clear picture of how well a team has performed in the matches. Wins contribute to the highest points, draws add to the tally, and losses can impact a team’s standing in the Points Table.

Team Performances and Analysis

Analyzing the Points Table, it is evident that Team A is leading with an unbeaten streak, securing victories in most of their matches. Team B follows closely behind, showcasing a strong performance with a balanced record of wins and draws.

On the other hand, Team E is in the middle of the table with a mix of wins and losses, indicating a need for consistent performance to climb higher in the standings. Team D has shown promise with a few wins and draws, positioning themselves well for the upcoming matches.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: How is the Points Table calculated in the ISL?
    A: The Points Table in the ISL is calculated based on the points earned by each team in the matches. Wins earn 3 points, draws earn 1 point, and losses earn 0 points.

  2. Q: Can a team change its position in the Points Table in the middle of the season?
    A: Yes, teams can change their position in the Points Table based on their performance in the matches. Consistent wins can help a team climb higher, while losses can lead to a drop in standings.

  3. Q: What happens if two teams have the same number of points in the Points Table?
    A: In case of a tie in points, the goal difference and other tie-breaking criteria are considered to determine the higher-ranked team in the Points Table.

  4. Q: How often is the Points Table updated during the ISL season?
    A: The Points Table is typically updated after each match to reflect the latest results and standings of the teams in the league.

  5. Q: Is the Points Table the sole indicator of a team’s performance in the ISL?
    A: While the Points Table provides a good overview of a team’s standings, factors like goal difference, head-to-head results, and overall performance also play a role in evaluating a team’s performance in the ISL.


As the ISL 2023-24 season unfolds, the Points Table continues to be a focal point for fans, analysts, and teams alike. It not only reflects the current standings but also serves as a roadmap for the teams to strategize and aim for the top spots. With each match bringing new twists and turns, the race for the ISL title intensifies, making every point crucial in shaping the destiny of the teams. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches and updates as the ISL action unfolds in the coming weeks.


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